Wednesday, March 13, 2013

isabel marant

isabel marant is what is hott on these streets right now! the booper sneakers (why do these sneaks remind me of the ones i used to wear growing up it the velcro!?) are $755 and since that is not in my budget at the moment, i will continue to observe those who rock them in style:




here's a few snaps of isabel's fall 2013 collection that ripped the runways at paris fashion week a few weeks ago:

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what do you think about the booper sneakers? anyone out there own a pair? what do you think about the fall 2013 collection?

airport ready

being in the airport can be a smooth sailing or hell on earth kind of experience. through the years, with much practice, i've managed to make my time spent there more on the smooth sailing tip. since i'm leaving for los angeles on saturday, i found it fitting to share what i like to wear while being fashionable and cozy, without leaving the house wearing what could appear to be pajamas.

1. flat shoes are always at the top of my list. with all that you deal with going through security, you want a shoe that's easy to slip off and then back on. for some reason and especially if the lines were super long,  i always want to run as quickly away from the security area once i've been cleared. with that in mind, opting to wear a pair of sperry topsiders, converse, or toms are your best bet while making a run for it in the airport.

2. clothes that are simple to layer. honestly, wearing leggings with a loose oversized shirt that covers up the rump, along with a good open wrap cardigan and a free flowing scraf are my go to's when it comes to dressing for the plane ride. i almost always get these pieces of clothing from either h&m, american apparel, or target.

3. jewelry and makeup. i always keep jewelry to a minimum (stud earrings, a dainty ring and mayyyybe a necklace..but that's it) to avoid any issues while going through security. besides, the less you wear the better not only goes for jewelry, but for your makeup as well. slap on some foundation, a little bronzer in the t-zone, mascara, a lip balm then throw on your sunglasses and BAM, you are airport ready!

4. a huge handbag. i'm talking about a large shopper that can hold all of your airport necessities (ipad, headphones, makeup, snacks, etc)  opt for either of these must haves from zara or banana republic.

i want to hear from you! what are your essentials when traveling?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

oils, potions & supplements

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keep your skin vamped, oiled and refreshed with these fall must haves:

sabon body fave is the vanilla coconut scented body scrub

crabtree and fave is the avacado olive oil collection

mary kay satin lips exfoliating lip treatment on the market. hands down.

ren ...can i just state that the rose o12 moisture defence serum is FANTASTIC. I get tons of compliments on my skin when i use this versus when i don't.

josie maran argan oil ....all purpose- face, cuticles, skin treatment and is for all skin types. paraben free.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

passion for palettes

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here are a few eye palettes that are out right now. also, the perfect solution for holiday gift giving!

nyx butt naked

urban decay vice





Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

ready or not here i grow


out of lashes? tired of spending all that $$ on extensions, glue and fake lashes? get lashes to grow with grandeLash! 
read all about it here


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clever. if you can't afford a louis vuitton, why not eat em!
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