Friday, June 22, 2007


Welcome to GET IT GIRL BEAUTY! G.I.G.B. will provide you with the latest on the current beauty trends, product reviews & deals, and makeup application tips! I'll throw in a little something something regarding food from time to time, i.e. restaurant faves, recipes, and what I'm eating or have come across! Simply because I like to look good and eat-who doesn't!?!

I'm so excited! After reading countless blogs that I've fallen in love with, I've decided to start my own! My name is Stephanie. I'm originally from Chicago; however, I've been residing in Atlanta, GA for the past 7 years. My background includes modeling, being a licensed esthetician, makeup artistry, and unfortunately corporate america. Yes..I've been doing office administration work off and on since as early as 1998! I've recently made the decision to channel my energies into what I am most passionate about-makeup artistry! I've been into makeup since I can remember and for some reason always shyed away when I thought of it as a career move. I guess I was a little nervous or 'scurred'. Not anymore! I'm doing what I love in my spare time which will turn into all the time very soon! Enough about me! Get ready to look your best! Stayed tuned for my first entry because here is where you'll be in the know as you GET IT GIRL!

Ciao! Stephanie

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