Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Dish List

-Cleaned up the house. (and still have boxes that need to get thrown out)
-2nd weekend in a row at the pie shop with Jeanne
-Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie
-It's so darn good & not too sweet
-Walked the strip afterwards
-Chicago has some of the best vintage shops ever
-They are just hidden and you have to seek out..reach out..for them lol
-Yeah that was a church song I just incorporated in the above sentence
-I finally got dependable internet at home
-Up all nite catching up on my fave sites
-I think I want a pet
-A cat to be exact
-I dunno..we'll see
-Love Pandora radio
-Church was the same to say the least
-My family always looks beautiful no matter what we're going through
-Grandma is doing much better
-It was good to hear her thoughts..heck just for us all to talk and discuss was good
-We should do that more often and without planning it
-I love Sunday dinner with the fam
-Dinner is always good when you just order it up via drive-thru
-No Sunday nap time comes into play when you have a 3 year old running around
-I should go back to church on Sunday nite
-It's a shame though that now I can't even remember what the morning sermon was about
-Went home and locked myself out of my house again doing laundry
-Yeah that's the second time in like a few weeks
-Must slow down and think about what I'm doing
-I've lived on my own for over 10 years and have never done this
-Guess I'm going through a phase that needs to be phased out--QUICKLY.
-Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha is sooooo good
-Order it skim along with whip cream on top..what a balance:-)
-A trip to Savannah is coming
-I can feel it.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I love this time of year...

The trees are beginning to turn colors..

Gotta get my house in order! I know..moved like eons ago and it semi looks like I just moved [only in the living room area though:-]

Spending a ton of idle time hanging out in random coffee shops trying all the seasonal lattes...

I absolutely HEART this store more than words will ever say! Find me here in the museum of Anthropologie!

Gotta eat tons of cupcakes! I'll just blame it on the upcoming holiday season!

Can't look this good living off cupcakes & lattes. Still gotta hit the gym...

Can't forget the grocery shopping at Trader Joe's!

Or Whole Paycheck..I mean Foods:)

Oh what a day. I'm pooped. I'll get up and do it all over again tomorrow..mmmm :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall of Fragrances

Here's some new scents sweeping the fall scene this year:

Oh Your Majesty...yoooohoooo! That's what the lucky people around you will be saying as they bask in the scent of Queen Latifah. With notes of cognac, incense, coriander, and mandarin'll be the queen you were destined to be! $49

Not sure if I want to sound off this fall with Paris Hilton's Siren-although the notes that make up this fragrance are indeed seductive. Apricot nectar, orchid, and frangipani blossom. Wonderful combo..I have to admit. $45

Lily and rose will delicately sweep your senses to D&G's new Anthology 18 LA Lune. The name in itself is enticing. $65

Patchouli lovers this is for you. You'll get a little ginger and Egyptian jasmine out of this as well. Giorgio Armani Idole D'Armani, $62 ....Just tell them at the counter you want the new Armani for women.:)

* All fragrances available at fine department stores.