Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall of Fragrances

Here's some new scents sweeping the fall scene this year:

Oh Your Majesty...yoooohoooo! That's what the lucky people around you will be saying as they bask in the scent of Queen Latifah. With notes of cognac, incense, coriander, and mandarin'll be the queen you were destined to be! $49

Not sure if I want to sound off this fall with Paris Hilton's Siren-although the notes that make up this fragrance are indeed seductive. Apricot nectar, orchid, and frangipani blossom. Wonderful combo..I have to admit. $45

Lily and rose will delicately sweep your senses to D&G's new Anthology 18 LA Lune. The name in itself is enticing. $65

Patchouli lovers this is for you. You'll get a little ginger and Egyptian jasmine out of this as well. Giorgio Armani Idole D'Armani, $62 ....Just tell them at the counter you want the new Armani for women.:)

* All fragrances available at fine department stores.

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