Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lets Get Luckie!

If you're visiting Atlanta, you have to grab a bite over at The Luckie Lounge. I had the opportunity of joining a friend in celebration of her birthday at this delicious kingdom. The menu consists of anything from burgers to filet mignon and sushi! I guess that's the reason they call it Luckie-cuz you're lucky to get all of this under one roof! The dessert menu wasn't shortstopping either..selections ranging from chocolate mousse to strawberry rhubarb pie and good house made cakes: carrot or coconut to name a few-yummy! Charm is also adjacent to Luckie, having a DJ lounge, magazine rack, and to-go options. Make sure you go and powder your nose because the bathroom is incredible! I never care too much about a restroom in a restaurant as long as it's sanitized, etc. but it is state of the'll see! Located directly across the street from The Georgia Aquarium in a space that once was a former auto parts warehouse off of Luckie St., you'll be coming back for more and feeling luckier every time!

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