Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drug Store Driven!

Ok ya'll (my southern draw is coming out)! The following is being brought to you by none other than one of my best homegirls who is totally a drugstore junkie...Deirdre!! And after reading her deals & steals, you can't blame her and don't fault yourself if you begin to have tendancies of being one too!! Here's to Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and all that you can't leave behind! Happy Holidays! xoxo

Dear Drug Store Diva: I have gotten such good advice from you and was wondering if you have any personal favorites when it comes to creating Drug Store Divine-ness. If we looked in your purse, what is in your beauty bag?

A: Well, diva I'm so glad you asked...I have a lot of personal favorites both old and new..My first stop on a search for fabulosity begins at your local Walmart or Target supercenter:

Their foundations are amazing..They come in an array of colors from nutmeg to warm brown for Sisters of all hues, Clay, Earth and Sand...I use Clay 1

Sheer Gold is my daywear lipstick Luxury Lip shine: in Glitzy...I use this amazing lip gloss for shimmer on hot nites, when I want to punch my lip color up a notch..Use alone or over another warm gold matte lipgloss for amazing shine

Cleansing Products
Garnier Nutrisse are the new products that I am addicted to. I use the cleansing towelettes for a 1 minute cleansing. No wetting or rinsing required; just sweep off your makeup (including eye gunk) and toss in the receptacle. Then I follow with the Deep pore oil free cleanser. It is fantastic, and is thick not greasy and heavy-duty enough to even remove stage makeup (for any divas out there who have a (ahem) "night job")..ok I'm leaving that Last but not least, during the summer months I use the daily regenerating serum...during the winter months my skin becomes drier so I need that extra moisture and umph...I use the Regenerating night cream...and my skin feels as soft as a baby's bottom...

Black Radiance
How many of you had an older sister that used Black Radiance and Zuri products back in the day? Well I had older cousins that used these products when they were some of the first products made specifically for African American know back when Earth, Wind and Fire had just put out "Reasons"...ok thanks for that trip down memory lane..but alas, these old school favorites have re-invented themselves and they are hot, hot, hot...brand new packaging and I encourage you to check out the black radiance line of lip glosses..yum!

Queen Latifah's "Queen collection" by Covergirl
The foundations are all amazing. I use Spicy Brown..and the price? Very little "cha-ching"!

Wet n Wild
Lip Glosses and the new liquid Eyeliners in different hues are affordable and give you a bang for your buck as they will wow you...

Rimmel products
Love, love, love their colored mascaras for hot nights...

The old favorite Great lash is still my old stand by!!

More to come divas. Until then..Stay fabulous! Your drug store diva, Deirdre

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