Thursday, October 16, 2008

Celebrity Makeup: YES or A HOT MESS??

Running out of ideas as to how to do your makeup? No worries! Get a few ideas from your favorite celebrity. With a lil mascara, eyeliner, and a lipstick that compliments your look, you'll be celebrity ready. The following looks are definitely achievable at home. Take your pick:Ciara is wearing purple shadow rimmed over the top and bottom eyelids, with mascara and a black eyeliner.Beyonce is sporting the infamous brown smokey eye and she plays it down with a neutral lip.

Kim Kardashian has been toning it down lately. With an ultimate mascara to lengthen your lashes to the fullest, a pale pink blush, and a matte lipstick (Angel by MAC is her fave), you'll be well on your way.

Jada has a frosty eyelid going with chocolate brown eyeshadow outlined in her crease followed by a soft pink blush and berry lipgloss.

Now go get pretty for your nite on the town! xx

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