Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stop The Press!

I can't believe cosmetics is on sale and of all places, at Saks Fifth Avenue! That's right! 15% off cosmetics and frangrance! I guess that's tax pretty much in the Midwest since it's over 10 percent...but woooohooo! Sephora is also having a 15% sale this week. I tell you..a sign of the times! Well I have to give thanks to this fact because as you all know cosmetics NEVER go on sale. I'm on my way out the door..gotta go, gotta go!

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ATLBrownGirl said...

girl don't you love saks? what a great about Lenox is having a big fashion show this weekend. we miss you in the would have loved it...keihls, sephora, all the big stores are sponsoring...

love you girl and love this blog..keep it coming!