Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Dish List

-Whole Foods--I'm addicted again
-I could walk this store all day reading all the labels, looking at all the food, and eating the samples
-Doing that ALL DAY..I would definitely get escorted out!
-I like the word
-Went to the Pie Company again..but didn't get any pie!
-Still not good though..had a cinnanon roll from Sweet Mandy B's earlier
-Tried a vanilla steamer for the first time
-I got my desk..wooooofreakinhooo!!
-Now I'll be up all night blogging, researching, and just plain ole' surfing
-Now on to decorating the living room
-I'm thinking a deep metallic purple accent wall
-With brown microfiber chairs & leopard pillows to go with
-Talk about royalty!
-When completed, the bank acct is going on lock!
-Church was very nice--nite service that is
-Surrender & Humble yourself
-That's the focus for my week
-Productivity should be up for the week!
-I went to the gym Sunday morning
-Ran 4 miles in 44:49 secs
-Signed up with the trainer again!
-I'm excited!
-Ate at Panera Bread
-Hadn't had it since last year
-Asian Chicken salad is heavenly!
-Looking forward to the DIY craft fair in December
-How about the Makeup Summit is next weekend!
-Gotta get back in the game
-Here's a picture of me in my Sunday's BestGot that summery piece from a cutesy vintage store in Chicago
-Gotta get work clothes together now :-0
-Hi Mom! :-)

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