Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Careless or Careful

-My sinuses are driving me crazy!
-I want to go on vacation
-I am on edge today in hopes of writing will make me feel better
-I'm running 4 miles today
-Can go for some yoga too hmmmmm..
-Wish it wasn't too cold to run outside although I've seen people doing it anyways
-Work, work, work! Isn't there more to life than just work!
-Don't get me wrong, thankful to have a j.o.b. but I need to balance it out with a real relaxation break
-Guess I gotta make. it. happen.
-I have two other things on the horizon that I WILL accomplish
-Workin' on it
-Erykah's new cd is pretty fantastic-can't get Window Seat outta my mind
-Had a convo with my sis this weekend about life in general & responsibility
-I mean life is short and at the end of the day, this ish doesn't really matter- all the worrying, stressing, running here & there..for what!?
-We'll all be gone from this material plane in 70 years.
-That's if the world will even sustain that long
-This world is not our home...we're just a passing through..our treasures are laid out..somewhere beyond the blue
-I'd still like to replinish the earth w/ my contribution of 3 children
-I have their names and have pretty much given birth-in my head, that is:)
-Ok let me get some work done!

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