Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picture This..

I've always wanted to do a wall of frames in my home. I wasn't sure if there was some sort of theme I needed to model off of so that each frame would compliment one another. However, these photos I've recently encountered gave me inspiration that there are really no rules and to simply think outside of the box.

What a hip space to have while working the day job. Lovin' that Jimi Hendrix piece.

Here we have some black/white & color images with mostly black frames. What a difference a framed picture makes- this sleek and clean white space pops.

Love a loft space and look at that staircase with the little photos or magnets or both! Contemporary, yet modern.

Not feeling the framed pictures? Well, there are always mirrors.

I really love the couch in this photo here. I'm such a sucker for mircrofiber & velvet furniture...but that's another post!
Ciao for now~

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